What is CLiKAPAD?

Finding a way to collect responses from a group isn’t always easy, whether that’s in a business conference, training course, educational or event environment. If you want to make sure everyone has their say and you get the most representative set of responses possible for more accurate data, the best solution is a CLiKAPAD audience response system as a way to conduct your electronic voting.

The lightweight, credit card-sized CLiKAPAD handheld voting device is used in audience participation to cast a vote based on a series of questions listed on a slide presentation, with each audience member pressing the button corresponding to their response. These responses are then collated immediately by a receiver device, and are presented in an attractive graph or chart integrated into the slideshow.

This means that the keypad voting system becomes more efficient and easier to conduct, with no long waiting times for the votes to be counted manually. The option of anonymous voting also means that you can get more honest responses, which is better for sensitive or controversial issues. You will be able to get the opinions of those who may prefer to stay quiet in a group, meaning that you will no longer have to work with the opinions of those brave enough to speak up.

CLiKAPAD audience response technology and equipment can be used in all sorts of environments to make the voting process easier and are designed to work with our PowerPoint voting system. They can be used in school classrooms and universities to increase engagement and knowledge retention through the active process of interacting with the subject matter. They can be used at events to gather feedback or to get people interested in the purpose of the event. They can be used in corporate training, business meetings, health and safety discussions… the options are endless.

Anyone who wants to make the voting process or feedback collection for their event or establishment easier and more efficient should contact us today to discuss their requirements. Our CLiKAPAD keypad voting systems are available to buy or to hire, and we can help you find the best possible package to suit your needs.

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