Audience Response System Technology

As pioneers of audience response system technology CLiKAPAD are market leaders in their field, offering a full suite of highly advanced operational equipment suitable for a variety of applications. Some of the features we incorporate in our audience response systems that set us apart from the crowd include:

CLiKAPAD Diagnostic and Test Application

To ensure the smooth running of your audience response system and reduce dependency on outside sources we provide an easy to use diagnostic application for effective system operation.

Omni-directional Antennae

CLiKAPAD base stations are able to collect responses from CLiKAPAD voting keypads in all directions thanks to their in-built omni-directional antennae, increasing your effective usage area.

Multi-channel Operation

CLiKAPAD base stations can operate on the same channel as one another or different channels, depending on your needs. This allows for coverage of a wider area where one base station may not have the necessary range.

High Speed Data Transfer

Thanks to the CLiKAPAD communications protocol each CLiKAPAD Base Station is capable of collecting data from 100 voting keypads in <0.5 of a second. That’s 1000 keypads in under 5 seconds. Large events can be supported using multiple base stations and if these are assigned to different channels this reduces the time needed to collect in the votes.

Up to Date Drivers and Software

We are constantly striving to keep our CLiKAPAD systems at the forefront of technology and this means that we often roll out updates to the necessary drivers and software required to operate a CLiKAPAD audience response system, increasing performance and efficiency.  These are available to our customers via our Software Support Subscription programme.  These are twelve month agreements and our customers get any updates during that year free of cost and access to our “hot-line” support via phone or email.

ARS Technology

Audience response system technology (also known as ARS technology) can be utilised for a huge variety of uses. This could be anything from promoting audience participation at a conference to bringing a streamlined approach to staff training event. Please get in contact with us to talk through the difference possibilities in using the CLiKAPAD system.

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