Brainstorming can be a vital tool for business and organisations. The value in generating fantastic new ideas is enormous for almost any company or team – and CLiKAPAD’s audience response system provides an excellent way to improve your brainstorming sessions.

One of the downsides of traditional brainstorming is that the time can be dominated by the loudest people, but you will certainly find that quieter members of the team will have plenty to share if they are given the chance. Audience response keypads provide an opportunity for each member of the team to contribute.

The CLiKAPAD system is an anonymous voting system with keypads that allow participants in a brainstorming session to reply and provide answers to questions asked. With keypads, the people involved in the brainstorming can give their ideas or provide feedback on the ideas of others easily. The anonymity of the system means users really have the freedom to be creative with their ideas, something that may not happen in a traditional brainstorming session.

When there is no pressure surrounding giving your idea it can be much easier to get everyone involved, as well as to gain consensus on which ideas are best and which concepts can be developed further. All of the data that is captured by CLiKAPAD can be either immediately shown on screen or saved for further analysis later.

Using the CLiKAPAD audience response system for brainstorming can be useful in a huge variety of settings including:

• Weekly staff meetings
• Focus groups
• Planning sessions
• Health and safety meetings
• Team building
• Risk management

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