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Health and Safety Training
Health and safety is something that needs to be taken seriously in any professional environment, whether you work on a building site or in an office. This means that it is necessary for almost every company to provide their staff with health and safety training, as well as advice and guidance for any task that involves any degree of risk.

Despite the fact that health and safety briefings are extremely important for employees, it can sometimes be the case that they are not as engaging as they could be. This is why it can be a fantastic idea to utilise the CLiKAPAD audience response system – it is a useful way to add interactivity to a training session or to make a dry subject more fun.

Each member of the audience is given a credit card sized keypad. The trainer can then ask questions and attendees can respond on the keypad. This data can then be made immediately available to see the results or it can be stored to be used later.

Clikapad voting system in useThis means that you can quiz your staff as they go, or use the system to put forward ideas and encourage broader safety discussions.

The CLiKAPAD audience response system has a huge variety of uses for health and safety professionals which could include:

• Risk management meetings
• Training sessions
• Reviewing procedures

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