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Question and Answer
Question and answer (Q&A) sessions are used across a range of business and educational settings every day. Whether as a follow up to a presentation at a conference or as a part of a weekly staff meeting, Q&A can be a useful way to clarify points and deal with queries that had not been anticipated. But there can be a tendency within Q&A sessions that the loudest or more confident people will be the ones who ask all the questions, while others can be forgotten – this can skew the data significantly.

The CLiKAPAD audience response system can be used to markedly improve your Q&A by encourage interactivity and a more open environment. The system allows for individuals to vote on particular topics or provide responses quickly and efficiently to questions, so rather than only the loudest voices being heard, everyone gets a say.

One of the most useful things about an audience response system in a Q&A session is the opportunity for complete anonymity, so answers that are given can be entirely honest and a true reflection of opinions in the room.

There are so many settings where a Q&A session can come in useful, and the CLiKAPAD system makes it easy. If you would like to have a more interactive Q&As at any of following, our system could be perfect for you:

• Conference presentations
• Board meetings
• Product launches and demonstrations
• Health and safety briefings

The CLiKAPAD system can quickly and efficiently gather responses to questions and then the data can be either be made immediately available on screen or saved for future analysis at any time.

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Would you like to learn more about how the CLiKAPAD audience response system can improve your Q&A sessions? Please don’t hesitate to contact our team today – a friendly member of the team would be happy to discuss the merits of the system and show you how it benefit you and your organisation.

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