Road Safety

Just as with any kind of training or briefing, you can provide far better road safety guidance and advice if your audience engages with what you are saying. Road safety can feel like topic where the listeners may feel that they already know what you are going to say. That means that whether you are holding a discussion or giving a talk on road safety, you need to ensure that you hold the attention of the audience.

Clikapad voting system in useOne of the best ways to boost engagement with any road safety discussion is to use the CLiKAPAD audience response system. CLiKAPAD uses credit card sized voting keypads, one of which is given to every member of the audience.

These keypads can then be used to vote on questions or provide feedback to discussions making it easy for you to test knowledge and get the whole of the group involved.

It is very valuable in road safety discussions for everyone involved to share ideas and their own experiences to further the points made. This gives the group the chance to learn from each other. You will also find that the anonymous nature of voting and the fact that everyone has a keypad means that you get more honest answers and a broader range of people involved.

In any kind of road safety discussion you can use the CLiKAPAD system to:

• Test the knowledge of the audience
• Canvas opinions on subjects
• Put forward ideas
• Get feedback from attendees

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If you need to give a talk or lead a discussion on road safety and are interested in using an audience response system to make the session more interesting or engaging, we can help. The CLiKAPAD system is ideal as it can be used by groups of any almost any size to encourage interactivity – please get in contact with us if you are interested in learning more about how our keypad voting system could be beneficial to your road safety talk.

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