Using an audience response system at an annual general meeting (AGM) provides you with a range of advantages and benefits. The system will allow you to take accurate votes on issues and questions brought up throughout the agenda. If your AGM involves any kind of voting on issues, audience response is far faster and more accurate than a pen-and-paper system. Plus it can provide complete anonymity to the voters if this is necessary.

The CLiKAPAD audience response system offers functionality that many keypad voting systems cannot provide. For example, on our system there is the ability to abstain from a specific vote if need be, which is an option that needs to be available for many AGM votes. Additionally, it may be necessary for individuals at your AGM to have a different weighting on their vote – this can be applied to specific keypads to accurately reflect the makeup of the company.

Whether you need for the results to display instantly in the form of a graph or chart, or be held back to be combined with proxy votes, this can be easily setup. Each keypad is numbered allowing the data to be easily audited, and results can be shown either in percentages or connected to a slide to show how each seated voted in addition to the total.

The CLiKAPAD system is the perfect audience response system to use in AGMs as it allows you to:

• Quickly and accurately poll the meeting.
• Apply specific weightings to individual keypads.
• Display voting results instantly, or hold them back for later analysis.
• Publish results in the form of a graph or chart.
• Audit the data.

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