Risk Assessment Workshops

CLiKAPAD can be used for risk assessment so that you can quickly and easily find out what your team think about the risk in question. If you want to run a risk assessment workshop effectively it can be hugely worthwhile to take a group approach, and a CLiKAPAD system allows you to do this. Incorporating everyone’s opinion not only ensures that the staff will feel like an important part of the process but also gives opportunities to learn from their experience.

Your team can help construct a risk map using the CLiKAPAD handheld clicker systems, with results laid over an appropriate background to show the risk assessment decision in context.

Graphs can also be stored throughout the workshop, so that by the end of the session you have a collection of accurate, attractively presented data which can be used to create a risk assessment report.

Exporting this data to Excel means that data can be shared easily with colleagues, and because it’s all done electronically, it’s extremely easy to revisit data at a later date.

CLiKAPAD can be synced with PowerPoint, meaning you can create branded graphs which fit your corporate image, making it easy to export images for use elsewhere. You can create your risk list before or during the workshop, giving you a flexible way to create risk assessment tests.

Our audience response system gathers data quickly and accurately, saving time and allowing you to create an effective plan of action. Creating a risk assessment has never been easier.

Participants can also vote on which items from the risk list should be included in the vote by way of a yes/ no voting process, before each risk is accepted into the final voting session then voted on by participants against various risk assessment criteria.

You can choose to display each graph after each assessment, and/or present a “Matrix / Heat-Map” graph at the end of the exercise to encourage discussion of mitigating actions and capturing of Control improvements and Risk Owner assignment.

By using CLiKAPAD in your risk assessment workshops, you obtain a quick, accurate overview of your team’s understanding of the implications for each risk, giving you useful results for your risk assessment report.  It’s the perfect tool for risk assessment workshops.

ppvote matrix is your window to understanding the risks.matrix logo

An ideal workshop tool; ppvote delivers you the power to leverage the knowledge of your people and apply wisdom to the outcome of your workshop.

Designed to take lists of statements and measure them using assessment criteria to produce either an average graph detailing high to lows or plotting them on an x/y graph or even an x/y/z matrix graph.

Datarisks spreadsheet

Vote on each risk against a set of criteria, i.e. Impact, Likelihood, Control.

Collect notes during the process.

Set-up a list of Owners (individuals/departments/ etc.).

Risk Scorerisk score spreadsheet

Produce any combination of Risk Score values (i.e. Impact x Likelihood) using MultiPlot™.

MultiPlot™ scores can be plotted on any graph and exported to Excel.

Create advanced MultiPlot scores, i.e. Risk Score / Control.

Level of Agreementlevel of agreement spreadsheet

View level of agreement using Scatter Graphs.

View average, standard deviation and diversity data.

Matrix Chartsmatrix charts spreadsheet

Produce 3-axis matrix charts.

Add heatmap backgrounds or colour-coded overlays.

Visually connect the pairs so that progress can be reviewed.

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