Electronic Voting Systems

electronic voting system

The CLiKAPAD digital voting system is one of the most renowned and popular audience response systems. If you are interested in using the CLiKAPAD voting system for anything from conferences and risk assessments to training and workshops, we can help. Give us a call today on 03333 448 550 or message us through the contact form on this page.

Electronic Voting Devices

Trying to conduct a vote for any purpose can be challenging to collect and time-consuming to count with accuracy. This is a problem that can be overcome easily by using an audience response system (ARS) like the CLiKAPAD e-voting system.

Collecting the votes electronically means that you won’t need to sit and count the votes manually. So whether you’re taking feedback, running a risk assessment or simply conducting a test, CLiKAPAD’s electronic voting system could be a perfect solution for you. Especially useful if you are surveying a large group as you won’t need to have several people counting votes making voting more time efficient.

Any situation where you need to collect responses, the CLiKAPAD system is an ideal solution. Everyone in a group or audience is given a handheld CLiKAPAD electronic voting device and can then press a button that corresponds to the answer they want to give. This information is then sent automatically to a receiver, which processes and displays the results immediately.

Fast Electronic Voting

Perfect whenever you need to collate votes and display information quickly, the system is a time-saving and error-reducing device. Take the example of a community meeting or a group election. You can conduct anonymous and immediate voting in the space of time it takes for everyone to press a button. This can allow you to reach a consensus quickly.

You’ll also be able to eliminate human error in the vote-counting process, ensuring that the result of any poll or election is 100 per cent accurate. You can also see how many people have voted to ensure that all of the responses have been received. The alternative of paper voting is not only far slower but can also put a huge amount of pressure on vote counters which is how errors can creep in.

What’s more, it produces some great, clear graphics which show the results in a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand the outcome. The voting results are produced electronically, meaning there is no need to sit for hours trying to figure out how to best present your findings, and there will be no disputes over the accuracy. With CLiKAPAD, you get the results you need quickly and efficiently every single time.

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