Audience Response Systems For Training Days

In the modern world of business, staff training is as important as it has ever been. Whether on an away day for learning or if you’re providing in house learning, the need for training courses on everything from health and safety to data protection is clear and present. If you’re providing business training, on any given subject, then you’ll know just how important it is to try and engage with your audience and this is where CLiKAPAD comes in.

Large MeetingCLiKAPAD audience response systems offer an unprecedented level of interactivity between audience and speaker which in turn allows for far greater levels of engagement and response. Offering your audience the chance to provide feedback ensures you keep them focused and on track, minimising the risk of boredom.

A CLiKAPAD system gives every member of your audience a voting keypad and using our ppvote software you can design and build your own custom presentation slides that incorporate the facility to monitor and display the feedback you get from your audience using the keypads. So if you’d like to test whether your presentation has sunk in and been understood or if you’d like to pose questions to your crowd for which you need instant answers, CLiKAPAD can tailor a solution to your individual needs.  We even provide systems for training events such as teambuilding quizzes.

There are so many possibilities with CLiKAPAD audience response systems and we’re proud of the incredible versatility of this platform that provides training professionals and business owners alike with the tools to make truly engaging and interactive training presentations. Get in touch with CLiKAPAD today and find out how our systems can help you.

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