Team Building Quizzes

If you’re planning a team building day for your colleagues, you will be aware that it can be challenging coming up with new ways to hold everyone’s interest and mix up the activities to keep things stimulating and interesting. One way to add some variety into the day is by using a CLiKAPAD electronic voting system to hold a team building quiz to shake the day up a little.

Whether you’re looking for quiz software for conferences or you’re simply planning a fun team building quiz, CLiKAPAD is the perfect choice. Quickly and accurately collating the answers – there’s no need to waste time with paper and pens. Using this audience response technology can also be a lot of a fun and a talking point for members of staff.

Each member of the team would be given a handheld voting device, and a series of questions would be presented in the form of a presentation. The teams can then work together to come up with an answer, and each of the teams’ answers would then appear immediately in the form of a graphic on the screen.

You could set it up like a pub quiz, with teams working together to answer rounds of questions, or if you have a little more time to prepare, you could even set up your own mini-gameshow with individuals competing to get the right answers as quickly as possible to create an atmosphere of healthy competition and fun.

This is a great way to get team members talking and discussing answers, and it’ll also break up the same old tired ‘getting to know you’ activities. If nothing else, the CLiKAPAD system will be a fantastic talking point in itself!

If you want a way to spice up your team building day, or for more information on quiz software for conferences and events then contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements further.

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