Group Decisions – Fast – Anonymous – Instant

The CLiKAPAD voting solution is the ideal tool for gathering feedback and opinions from groups of people.

Adding interactive voting slides brings a whole new lease of life to your presentations. Data is collected using credit card sized keypads and the results are instantly plotted in a graphing style of your choice.

After voting, the graphs are automatically embedded into your PowerPoint presentation, ready to be instantly shared with colleagues, participants or client. Voting data can be exported to Excel to create custom reports and share data.

When would I use this?

CLiKAPAD is an incredibly versatile tool. Any time that you are presenting using PowerPoint, a CLiKAPAD voting system can add the extra dimension that makes your presentation stand out from the crowd.

Conferences and Events

When you want to gather honest opinions and it’s important for individuals views not to be swayed by others, anonymous voting can be the key.


Using an audience response system at an annual general meeting (AGM) provides you with a range of advantages and benefits. The system will allow you to take accurate votes on issues and questions brought up throughout the agenda. If your AGM involves any kind of voting on issues or resolutions, audience response is far faster and more accurate than a pen-and-paper system. Plus it can provide complete anonymity to the voters.


Add fun to your events with the use of quiz slides. Results can be shown per individual or team.


Voting can be used to gain knowledge of current levels of understanding, to assist with pitching the training at the correct level. Its also an ideal way to test effectiveness of the training session.


In a workshop environment the speed, anonymity and accuracy of gathering data via the CLiKAPAD system is invaluable to keeping your meeting on track and focused.  Anonymous voting provokes honest responses which are unbiased by the opinions of the other participants

Risk Assessment Workshops

The ppvote Matrix software was designed specifically with risk in mind.  It enables practitioners to quickly and easily collect anonymous votes from the participants and to automatically plot this data using an XY heat map.

Focus Groups

Avoid awkward or biased focus groups by using an Audience Response System as a powerful tool to break the ice and manage discussions.

Market Research

An audience response system can help you gather large amounts of primary market research at a much quicker pace in comparison to standard techniques.

HR Processes

Audience Response Systems can benefit many areas of a company, supporting HR initiatives company-wide.


Electronic voting systems are known for their ability to produce fast, accurate and honest results from audiences – which is why they are an unparalleled tool in political campaigns.

Corporate Training

Staff training sessions are an excellent environment for using an Audience Response System, as they can easily help to break the ice and encourage interactivity, ideas sharing and even a little healthy competition.


Large meetings such as your board meeting or AGM can play a huge role in the success of a business. An ARS can play a hugely valuable role at a large meeting

Weekly Meetings

When weekly meetings are run effectively they can be a great use of time to introduce new concepts to your team, discuss concerns and focus on certain elements of work. Using an audience response system (ARS) can help breathe life into weekly meetings.


The best presentations hold the attention of their audience by adding elements of interactivity. Using an audience response system (ARS) is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to do this.

Game Shows

Contestant and audience response plays a key role in many game shows. Whether it’s an ‘ask the audience’ style group response or a straight question-and-answer format, an audience response system (ARS) can efficiently and accurately collect answers from everyone in attendance to create a professional quality game show environment.


Whether you’re running a conference, a shareholder meeting or a lecture, it is important to use the time effectively and engage with your audience. A CLiKAPAD audience response system (ARS) can be the most time-effective and accurate way to engage your audience, gain feedback and vote on important issues.

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