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Whether you’re running a conference, a shareholder meeting or a lecture, it is important to use the time effectively and engage with your audience. A CLiKAPAD audience response system (ARS) can be the most time-effective and accurate way to engage your audience, gain feedback and vote on important issues.

It’s simple: you create your presentation using PowerPoint presentation voting software which can contain questions, polls and other opportunities for the audience to give feedback. Each delegate is then provided with a wireless keypad which they can use to vote individually on any question you ask.

Using an ARS at conferences or meetings can help to:

  • Make delegates a part of your presentation
  • Encourage interactivity
  • Get feedback instantly

No matter what kind of event you are running, an ARS can be used both as a way to poll the audience but also as a way to keep their interest. With a huge range of applications, CLiKAPAD technology can be used to liven up any talk or discussion.

Unlike traditional methods of gauging opinions, like a show of hands, ARS voting is anonymous so you will always get honest and impartial results that are completely accurate.

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