Virtual Events

Although the CLiKAPAD keypad system is ideal when you are planning an in-person meeting and need a self-contained solution that doesn’t require WIFI, many more meetings are now taking place remotely or across multiple locations and the team here at CLiKAPAD are ready to help.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss:

  • Adding PowerPoint voting to your MS Teams meetings and Zoom calls
  • Engaging your audience using surveys, brainstorms, polls & interactive whiteboards
  • Planning & delivering webinars, virtual events and online meetings
  • Hybrid meetings with some attendees meeting in-person while others join remotely
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Advanced voting for consultation and workshops

Online meetings, webinars, virtual conferences and even Zoom family gatherings are now part of our normal day to day life.  That means making your web-based meetings and events stand out from the crowd more important – and more challenging – than ever before.

Truly engaging and memorable virtual events therefore need to be more just a Zoom call, or MS Teams meeting. Events have always been about the great delivery of content, interesting speakers and sessions as well as networking and interaction opportunities.

Have you ever sat through a webinar where you’ve felt that it could just as easily have been a pre-recorded video?

What makes the difference? Harnessing the wisdom of the crowd, creating a buzz or gathering honest feedback from participants can still be delivered online.  Many would argue that you can generate even more interactivity in this new digital world.

There are an array of tools and methods that can be used to engage and involve your audience.  Opinion gathering via polls is one of the easiest ways to gauge mood and measure opinions.  A questions and comments open text activity takes no time at all to set up, but managed properly can create a dynamic two-way conversation between the presenters and the virtual audience.

Adding interactivity is absolutely crucial if you want to create an atmosphere of engagement and participation, rather than one of passive observation.

Why engage CLiKAPAD?

After almost 30 years of adding an interactive dimension to meetings, workshops, classrooms and events, through technology, we can confidently advise you on the principles of engaging your audience.  And we can point you at the right technical solution.

We can help you deliver success in the digital world and then help you to move seamlessly back to the in-person experience once that becomes a practical option again.  And we can support you with hybrid events, which perhaps will become the new normal.

We work with carefully selected partners to ensure that the most appropriate platform and service is provided to meet the specific objectives of your event.

From simple multiple-choice voting to complex personalised agendas and even a 3D exhibition experience, we can help you to deliver a memorable, professional and highly impactful event experience… for everyone involved.

We understand that not every speaker is confident delivering their content online, so we can coach them to succeed.  And we can provide you with a professional event designer and meeting facilitator to make your life easier.  Or we can train your in-house colleagues to lead the digital discussions, if you’d prefer.

It’s more than just technology and what happens on the day

Let us work with you to engage your participants from the day they receive their invitation to the event, and to keep them interested and taking action long after the last presenter finishes their talk.

And we can provide you with the solutions for managing invitations, registration, ticket payments, surveys, live streaming and attendance right through to post event activities via a branded showcase events page.  So you don’t have to worry about those items either, if you don’t want to.

All meetings, great and small!

Whether you are running a 12-person workshop or a virtual event for thousands, we’d be delighted to discuss the experience you want your stakeholders to enjoy, your technology requirements and the tools and techniques you need to deploy to maximise participation and create an event that stands out from the crowd.

Let’s talk!

If you have an immediate requirement, or just want to start gathering ideas for your calendar of events over the next few months, we would be delighted to answer any questions and share our thoughts about how to make your next event one to remember.