The CLiKAPAD audience response system consists of two elements: hardware and software.

The CP37 multiple choice keypad – this offers excellent functionality and great value for money

We also have a full suite of software options that can be used with the CLiKAPAD hardware. You can either use our software packages or alternatively you could consider developing your own bespoke software system that is completely suited to your specific requirements.

The CLiKAPAD systems allow you the ability to collate anonymous feedback from groups and audiences then instantly display the data as a graph within a PowerPoint presentation. The system has a wide variety of uses: you could be polling opinions, testing employee knowledge or adding some fun interactivity to a talk or presentation.

Every member of the group or audience will be provided with a piece of hardware – a voting keypad. They can then use this to cast their vote on the topic or question that appears on the screen. The voting process is anonymous. The answers are then sent to a receiver which will immediately collate the data into attractive graphs that display the results back to the audience. This voting process is far faster, more efficient and more accurate than having data collated using traditional pen-and-paper methods.

Some of the major advantages of using a keypad voting system include:

  • Individuals feel more comfortable giving an honest opinion as they can be sure their vote is anonymous and discreet.
  • There is no chance of human error in the vote counting as the data is processed automatically by the CLiKAPAD voting system, eliminating the possibility of disputes.
  • Get the results you need fast, and they are both accurate and reliable.

With traditional methods of gaining audience response and feedback – such as asking for a show of hands – research has shown that there can be a tendency for people to often follow the crowd, meaning you will get biased and influenced results. With CLiKAPAD voting keypads the whole process is anonymous and questions are answered honestly without the possibility of them being influenced.

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