Electronic Voting Systems

CLiKAPAD is an electronic voting system which makes it easier to collect opinions and find out how much your audience know about a topic. Electronic voting systems are versatile and can be used in a range of environments, from the workplace to universities to events, and allow the user to gather responses quickly and efficiently.

Handheld Audience Response System image

The electronic voting system works by the user pressing a button on the handheld CLiKAPAD remote to cast their vote, which is then processed by a receiver and transformed into an instant on-screen graphic. This allows the entire audience to see how the group has voted.

This technology can be useful in the workplace, for example, in risk assessment meetings. Each member of staff uses a keypad to vote on their biggest concerns, and the feedback is immediately projected into your presentation for discussion. The results are stored in graphs or tables, so they are easy to share afterwards.

CLiKAPAD systems are also popular for training and workshop sessions, as they encourage engagement and can be creatively used to check the understanding of each participant. Keypads can be divided between individuals or teams, and are an excellent tool for quickfire quizzes – measuring answers for speed as well as accuracy.

Larger events and conferences can also benefit from electronic voting systems. Inviting responses from your audience and integrating live data into your slides will make your presentation more memorable, and keep listeners more engaged. It has also been shown that the anonymity of using handheld devices can improve audience honesty, compared to more traditional methods of audience polling.

If you’re looking for a way to conduct a vote and collate the results in an attractive way, try the CLiKAPAD electronic response system to get you the results you want.

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