ppvote-sw-box-familiyGive your audiences greater participation

Our ppvote software is a PowerPoint add-in that has been specifically designed to be used with CLiKAPAD audience response system hardware.  Every CLiKAPAD System is supplied with an easy to learn and fun to use version of ppvote.  This is a powerful and flexible PowerPoint voting solution with the option to upgrade to one of two further levels of sophistication that you can choose based on the needs of your business. See the software comparison page for an overview of each version’s features.

Participants can now vote from anywhere using the new CLiKAPAD Virtual Keypad.  Please note, that this is a browser based solution that enables voting from smartphones, tablets and laptops but this will require an internet connection.  Remote voting can be purchased in addition to, or instead of, a CLiKAPAD system.

ppvote Professional

Enhance your PowerPoint slide-show beyond simple voting and bring your event alive. Suitable for audience response tasks including gathering feedback, running quizzes, seeing live response results and much more. This is the chance to get your audience involved in a presentation, talk or training sessions, allowing them to have their say and provide vital information to you.

The Professional software also allows you to run advanced vote types such as weighted sequence votes, ratings votes and grid display votes for AGM meetings. Automatically merge data from several presentations and analyse data using automatic demographic grouping.

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ppvote Matrix

PowerPoint decision process software.

If you need specific insight into the data, this is the most powerful level of the ppvote software. It is ideal as a workshop tool that provides you with the power to leverage the knowledge of your people and utilise the data after the meeting.

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If you are not sure which level of software might be most suitable for you, please get in contact with our team today. We are happy to provide impartial and honest advice on the best system for you.

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