ppvote Software Comparison

Feature ppvote Professional ppvote Matrix
Multiple Choice Questions tick tick
Correct Answers tick tick
Quiz Results tick tick
Team Quiz Results tick tick
Simple Demographics tick tick
Multi-round questions tick tick
Export Results to Excel tick tick
Weighted Multi-round prioritisation questions tick tick
Ratings Scales with average scores tick tick
Individual Keypad Weighting/Proxy votes tick tick
Advanced Demographics tick tick
AGM Grid Voting Results View tick tick
Stats box showing average, standard deviation, diversity and abstain count tick
Plot graphs to show average score or diversity score for multiple items tick
Multiplot graphing (e.g. plot the average score of 2 votes multiplied together) tick
Automatic XY Graphing tick
Process decision workflow tick
Risk assessment workflow tick
Pairwise Comparison/Binary Choice voting tick

This is not an exhaustive list of features, please contact us for more details.

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