Audience Response Workshops

In a workshop environment the speed, anonymity and accuracy of gathering data via the CLiKAPAD system is invaluable to keeping your meeting on track and focused.

Anonymous voting provokes honest responses which are unbiased by the opinions of the other participants. Measuring the diversity of opinion allows you to focus discussion on the items where most disagreement occurs, therefore providing an opportunity for the wisdom of individuals to be shared with the group.

The ppvote software, which is used with CLiKAPAD, is a highly versatile, flexible tool which allows agile changes to the agenda when required. For example, you may choose to revote an item following a discussion during which facts have been shared that some of the group may not have had visibility of at the time of initial vote. Pre and post-discussion voting data can both be recorded and even compared to each other on screen during the meeting.

The ppvote Matrix software is ideal for list processing, so whether you have a list of risks that you wish to measure in respect of impact and likelihood, or a list of projects that want to measure in terms of business value and ease of implementation, Matrix is the perfect tool. At the end, or during, the voting process you can choose a variety of graphs to display including distribution charts and x-y plots for example.

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