ppvote Matrix

PowerPoint® decision process software

An ideal workshop tool as it delivers you the power to leverage the knowledge of you people and apply wisdom to the outcome of your meeting. Designed to take lists of statements and measure them using assessment criteria to produce either an average graph detailing high to lows or plotting them on an x/y graph or even an x/y/z matrix graph.

Do you get swamped with items to review from a brainstorm session then struggle to do justice to them all? ppvote Matrix list sifter/sorter takes the weight off your shoulders and back onto the participants by inviting them to select the items to be included in the assessment. Brilliantly simple, highly effective.

ppvote Matrix need not stop at one workshop. If your process is designed to have multiple parts, ppvote Matrix can handle it. For example, the first elements can be assessed then, having reviewed the initial data, at a later workshop you can continue the assessment to dig deeper, identify best practice and weaknesses, and develop action plans, assigning responsibility if required.

Plotting pairs of assessments is easy and clear to see: our Circle Lines visually connect the pairs so that progress can be reviewed. Get buy-in from your workshop participants and gain their commitment to follow through! ppvote Matrix has easy to use dialogs enabling you to set-up a list of Owners (individuals/departments/ etc.) then assign items from the list to them.

Whether your workshop is about Risk, Projects, New Products, Focus Groups, Satisfaction, whatever the purpose, ppvote Matrix will help you manage the Process. Comments may be collected to illustrate the action agreed and for later reference. Naturally, this can be printed in Word or exported to Excel to enable follow through and follow up.

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