ppvote Matrix Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit to Customer
Matrix 3 dimensional graph Easy to understand plotting of customer IMPACT, PROBABILITY and CONTROL values
MULTI PAIR PLOTTING Ability to display the before (GROSS) and after (NET) average values and to connect them with a pairing line
EXTERNAL DATA Plots Benchmarks, Last years results and Targets are all possible uses for this feature delivering the benefit of seeing our Live view plotted with views from elsewhere or a different point in time.
NEXT WORKSHOP Offers the added benefit of performing multiple workshops separated by time. Being able to see where we were at the end of the last workshop and then extend the life of the data by adding this workshops results and plotting them with last workshop data.
Graph AUTOSTORE and Powerful Print Manager High speed report generation through the Print Manager delivering a ‘Hot Link’ to your favourite Word processor! Instant export of graphs from the Print Manager to an HTML folder for Intranet publishing!Integration with PowerPoint provides the option of delivering Reports in PowerPoint slideshow format if a Client wishes to distribute a ‘show-only’ version of the event.
(Z – AXIS)
A third dimension that can illustrate on the same graph the actual Control Status plotted in either dynamically growing circles, the bigger the better the control or fixed to one size and either can be colour coded according to either 3 colour RAG’ing or 4 colour Severity, with GREEN as Effective and RED as Ineffective or Non-Existent.
ZONAL OVERLAYS Each cell can have its own colour and or message so you are able to generate a Severity Grid with Red, Blue, Grey and Green Zones to represent the Danger Zone, Higher, Medium and Lower risk areas of the grid. This ensures the audience fully understands where the important items to focus on are!
BOUNDARIES Offers the opportunity to identify a threshold between acceptable and unacceptable results thus making an instant visual further assisting the audience appreciation and understanding.
MATRIX FILTERING Using the “Zonal Overlays” we can filter on all those Risks in the “RED” Zone with a “RED” control status, the major items.
GRID BACKGROUNDS Customisation using images to assist the audience appreciation and understanding such as the Rainbow Graph
POWERPOINT integration and multi-axis graphing! Intuitive operation, adds to what you already know about PowerPoint, easy to install, powerful and likely to be used more frequently than other voting software because it is easy to learn and easier to remember how to use!
POSTAL VOTES and LIVE VOTES At critical meetings absentees can provide their views on paper or via email and these can be entered into ppvotematrix so that you can display at the meeting or report on the combined views of the Live audience and the Postal voters as one!
SIFTER/SORTER This is very useful for taking a long list and involving the audience in making a quick decision on what should/should not be included in the review process.
DATA COLLECTION BOXES ppvotematrix offers the opportunity to gather information on each list item in up to 6 collection boxes. This means that you can add to the List item description additional information for instance on: 

  • Points of Clarification or Notes
  • Mitigating Actions
  • Improvement suggestions
  • Key Control Indicators
  • Embedded Monitors
  • Early warning indicators

Timeframe for action or anything you like as you can label these boxes yourself and everything collated is exportable to Excel or Word to form part of the final report.

ALLOCATION of OWNERS & SUB-LIST information This allows you to enforce ownership at the point of review. We can identify who the owners are and then allocate each list item to a person or department. The sub-list option enables the opportunity to register the ROOT CAUSE in Risk Workshops and it could be useful for other events to record timeframe or significance, although the possibilities are down to you to define which makes it very flexible.
ADDING NEW ITEMS at the Matrix or Average graphs and restarting the Voting process! It is very easy to add new items at the Matrix or Average graphs. Simply press Insert and then type. Then select Vote New and it will start voting, After votes have been collected, the Matrix graph will appear with all the items from before and the new items on it as well!
OVERLAP LEGEND This overcomes one of the biggest criticisms of other similar software. Not plotting the averages precisely as they were always in a square around the precise plot point. ppvotematrix plots all items with the same average in the same spot and then allocates it a *1 or *2 based on the 1st or 2nd Overlap point and then delivers a ‘pop-up’ box listing all the items that are included in the overlap. This remains on screen when printing the graph for future reference.
Average Graph Filtering ppvotematrix displays Red, Amber, Green bar charts with ease and offers the opportunity to filter out those not required so that we can focus in on say just the Red items!
SPELLCHECKERS x 10 Delivered with 9 of the most common European languages. Also a US dictionary.
BACKUP & RESTORE generating Zip file Easy to use, backs up the meeting folder into a standard zip file format so it is very easy to send a backup of a meeting to another user (or to the support hot-line if required) via e-mail.
BANKING of DATA and MERGING of multiple meetings If you return from the meeting and someone says “let’s run that meeting again with the group in Utrecht” it is extremely easy to do: Simply go to the file menu, data and select Bank.When you are ready to merge the two or more meetings we simply go to File, Data, Merge and pick the meetings we want to merge!
RE-VOTING on one assessment or multiple assessments This could not be simpler! Select the item and using right mouse choose between voting on a specific assessment or deciding to revote from a particular assessment until the last.
DATA EXPORT The export capability to Excel has been enhanced to include a feature that enables the user to enter specific meeting details and also export the text data collected using the additional data collection boxes.

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