Large meetings such as your board meeting or AGM can play a huge role in the success of a business. When you bring the important people in your company together you need to use time effectively and get the most out of it. Don’t look at these important annual meetings as a challenging task that eats into your schedule – it can be an opportunity if it is used correctly.

A well organised meeting of the important players in the business can be a chance to focus on the big issues, plan strategies for the year ahead and make the important decisions to take the company forward. But what can you do to ensure that the meeting runs effectively and efficiently? One method is introducing an audience response system (ARS).

An ARS can play a hugely valuable role at a large meeting. Each person in the meeting is provided with a credit card-sized keypad. Questions can then be put to the board or the shareholders, who can vote using their keypads. This allows you to quickly and easily:

• Vote on issues affecting the business
• Plan strategies
• Prioritise issues
• Offer feedback

Voting is anonymous, which allows for completely honest and impartial answers to be given. And using an ARS is quicker and more accurate than using alternative voting systems such as pen and paper.

Once everyone has had their say on an issue, the voting process can be completed in just a few seconds as results and collected and displayed almost instantly. This can save you a significant amount of time, allowing the meeting to run smoothly.

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