Audience Response Systems For Conferences

There are a wealth of practical applications for this rapidly advancing technology which is exploding in popularity thanks to the level of interactivity it offers groups of all sizes. Say goodbye to boring one way conference lectures and enjoy genuine two way communication and engagement between speaker and audience with CLiKAPAD audience response systems.

Using our integrated ppvote system you can create truly interactive presentations and meetings in exactly the same way you would compile a regular PowerPoint slideshow, with the added benefit of true audience participation. So whether you’d like to judge the popularity of a concept or just want to get instant feedback on ideas you’re presenting to a crowd, CLiKAPAD can tailor a solution to best fit your needs from expansive conference halls to intimate focus groups.

Unlike more traditional methods of gaining audience feedback such as a show of hands, CLiKAPAD voting keypads allow every individual in the room to answer your questions honestly and independently, without the tendency to follow the crowd. Therefore our systems have an unparalleled level of accuracy in terms of the results they achieve.

CLiKAPAD audience response systems are the ideal way to accurately gauge the reactions and responses of a conference audience. For events of all varieties where you need instant feedback CLiKAPAD have a system suitable for your needs and budget.

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