Keypad Voting System

Using a keypad voting system as part of a lecture, presentation or event is a great way to conduct an audience voting process. Suitable for a wide range of scenarios, the keypad system allows you to obtain accurate results very quickly – literally at the touch of a button.

clikapad hireCLiKAPAD’s innovative keypad voting system can be used for all sorts of situations and objectives, such as on-the-spot polling of audience feedback, active game show participation, collecting market research data, delegate voting during events, tracking student progress in lectures, surveys and political campaigns, assisting workplace training seminars and much more besides.

The audience keypad system is easy enough to use. Every member of the audience is given a handheld voting keypad that is used to record the person’s answer to a specific question or opinion on a topic shown on the big screen. Once everyone has cast their anonymous vote, the data is sent to a receiver for processing; the result can be shown immediately.

The Benefits

The use of CLiKAPAD’s audience voting keypads has been shown to provide many benefits.

  • Speed
    Keypad voting ensures immediate data collection and processing for instant results that can be integrated into the presentation straight away.
  • Accuracy
    Automated data processing produces reliable results. Eliminating the need for counting votes on a show of hands means that there will be no dispute about the accuracy of the results with the CLiKAPAD voting system.
  • Honesty
    Being able to cast a vote discreetly and anonymously on a key pad encourages honesty among participants. Any embarrassment arising from having to share information is taken out of the equation, as is any perceived pressure to follow the prevailing opinion of the crowd.
  • Flexibility
    keypad voting can be used in many situations and scenarios to answer questions on any topic in any sphere, including the professional, political, religious, social and personal. The presenter has full control over the keypad voting process and its features, including whether and how to display the results.

Inject new energy into your presentations with the simple use of audience voting keypads to improve your delegates’ attentiveness. CLiKAPAD keypad voting helps to provide a clear focus and create a fun environment in which to convey your message.

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