Audience Response Systems for Universities

In order to accurately judge the responses of a lecture hall audience, measuring the effectiveness of your oration, CLiKAPAD audience response systems provide the ideal solution. Whether you’re presenting to a small group or a huge auditorium, if you need instant feedback then CLiKAPAD have a system that suitable for your precise circumstances.

Because CLiKAPAD voting keypads allow every member of an audience to provide you with a direct and individual response, either answering questions you’ve posed or providing feedback on your work, the levels of engagement are incredibly high when compared with more traditional lectures. And research shows that the accuracy of a CLiKAPAD system is far higher than trying to garner reactions from a crowd using a simple show of hands. Removing the temptation to follow others means you get a truly honest response from every participant.

Add interaction and audience participation to your lectures and seminars and watch engagement levels skyrocket. Our integrated ppvote system allows you to create presentations in PowerPoint that add interactivity from within the application so you can offer a selection of options for your students to vote on and have the results collate right in front of you, within your presentation!

Expand interaction with your audiences by using CLiKAPAD Prioritizer to engage them in answering questions both digitally and now audibly through the in-built microphone at every seat!  The CLiKAPAD Prioritizer allows them to answer questions and to text in ideas or questions they wish to ask the panel as well as interact verbally should the event moderator call on them to do so.

Would you like to increase participation and give the audience the opportunity to answer questions, express their views or ask the panel a question without waiting for the roving microphone?

With the CLiKAPAD Prioritizer you have a microphone at every seat and the delegate can request to speak and the whole interaction is managed by the moderator.  Quality audio right there at every seat, ready and waiting!

This technology has a variety of applications and is proving incredibly popular within the education sector thanks to its versatility. Be among the growing number of institutions to benefit from CLiKAPAD audience response systems and see for yourself what a difference true engagement can make.

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