Audience Participation

Tired of bland and uninspiring presentations to a group or crowd who have lost interest and you cannot connect with? There is a way to enjoy genuine two way interactivity with any audience, large or small, allowing for effective audience participation and dramatically increased participant engagement.

With a CLiKAPAD audience response system you can completely transform the way you perform in front of a crowd and leave participants feeling genuinely involved. Whether you want to judge reaction to an idea or concept or you’d just like to identify the most popular response from a pre-defined selection, bringing the element of choice into your presentations can mean the difference between being forgotten and making an impression on those you’re presenting to.

The term ‘audience participation’ might conjure up negative images of being embarrassed in front of those around you but in a business sense it simply means engaging with those you’re addressing. Studies have shown we retain significantly more information after a presentation in which we’ve felt genuinely involved when compared with the more traditional one-way lecture style presentations of old.

CLiKAPAD technology is the most effective way to make yourself heard at an event, conference or exhibition and it also allows you to gain so much more from your presentation. With simple to use systems suitable for every setup, large or small, CLiKAPAD have an audience response system that’s right for you.

CLiKAPAD audience response systems are available to purchase or hire. Contact us for more details.

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