Business Audience Response Systems

CLiKAPAD hardware is ideal for use in a business or corporate environment, as the handy credit-card sized keypads make it incredibly straightforward for professionals to cast votes on all sorts of important matters.

Time is money in a business environment, which is why these audience response systems are the perfect way to ensure decisions are made quickly and there is no quibbling about results. Responses will be fair, accurate and representative of an entire group with no need to ask each person individually for their opinion.

Corporate audience response systems are useful because they avoid the age old problem of a meeting dominated by one or two individuals, meaning others may not feel comfortable giving their opinions on the matters raised. The anonymous voting system available with CLiKAPAD means you benefit from honest views and a democratic voting system.

The way the responses are presented, as attractive graphic visuals, is the perfect way to get the message across quickly, and these can be saved for use at a later date, such as in reports or minutes of the meeting for further analysis.

Whether it is a small, private meeting, a Business Assessment Meeting, Risk Review Workshop or a large corporate Conference, CLiKAPAD handheld electronic voting devices provide the same level of reliability, and this powerful system all takes place in the keypads and the receiver which then displays the results on a slideshow.

For a quality, reliable and user friendly way to conduct your votes and response collecting, get in touch with CLiKAPAD today to find out more.

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