Anonymous Voting Tool

One of the major benefits of using the CLiKAPAD audience response system is that it provides anonymous responses. There are many scenarios in which it can be hugely beneficial to get anonymous feedback or answers to questions from everyone from staff and customers to suppliers and audiences. Get in contact with us today for more information.

Why is anonymity important?

There are a huge range of reasons that anonymity can be beneficial. You may wish to gain unbiased opinions from staff, clients or customers – being anonymous allows responders to feel that they will not be judged for their opinions or ideas. Additionally, it may be necessary to provide anonymity in order to get the whole of the company involved and judge the answers fairly.

Anonymity can help you to increase engagement and encourage everyone to get involved, no matter how you are using an audience response system.

How businesses are using our anonymous voting tool

There are many different ways that businesses and organisations can make use of anonymous voting systems. These could include opinion polling, quiz taking, rating brainstormed ideas, voting in elections, and surveying staff.

It can be beneficial to have anonymous voting across a variety of different scenarios including in meetings, events, training sessions, conference talks, and courses. Our audience response system is designed to make your job easier across these situations.

Perfect for businesses and organisations of all sizes

Our audience response system is ideal for use by everyone from individuals to large organisations. Whether you are presenting at a conference, want to collect anonymous data from your audience as a part of your talk, or you are an enterprise-level business voting on business-critical issues, the CLiKAPAD system can be perfect for you.

With the functionality to collect responses from tens to thousands of individuals, there really is no limit to the potential ways that you can use our system.

A range of options to suit your needs

You may require an anonymous voting pool for a single use, or it could be something that you will need for multiple uses. That’s why CLiKAPAD offers the option to either rent or buy your audience response system.

Contact us

Would you like to learn more about how the CLiKAPAD audience response system can benefit you as an anonymous voting tool? Please get in contact with our experienced team today – we will be able to provide you with any further information you need. Call on 03333 448 550 to speak to a friendly member of staff, or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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