Record data at political events with Clikapad audience response systems

Electronic voting systems are known for their ability to produce fast, accurate and honest results from audiences – which is why they are an unparalleled tool in political campaigns.

The most effective and widespread use of Audience Response Systems in politics is during important campaign components such as speeches, debates or adverts. Keypads are distributed among representative audiences so that, while watching the event, they can use a numeric value to indicate how much they align (or disagree) with the views being expressed.

It may seem simplistic, but it is a fundamental way to gauge candidate popularity. If certain demographics feel a new campaign advert misses the mark, it can be pulled before it hits the wider public. If an audience is left indifferent by a candidate claiming a neutral stance, their manager can encourage a stronger policy in the next debate. Thanks to this immediate feedback, problematic messages can be quickly contained (although significant blunders tend to still find their way online).

The user-friendly design of CLiKAPAD makes it the perfect system for incorporating audience polls into your campaign. Results are immediately accessible for real-time feedback, and the versatility of the keypad means that it can be used in several ways to produce the most meaningful data for your strategy.

Of course, opinion monitoring is just one aspect of how electronic voting is a helpful tool in politics – delegate voting, ranking issues within a local community and conducing exit polls are all made much easier, faster and more representative with anonymous electronic vote casting.

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