Real Time Voting

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If you have a need for real time voting, the CLiKAPAD audience response system is a fantastic tool. The system can capture a large number of responses instantly and provide them either immediately or store them for later analysis. If you would like to learn more about the value of real time voting and our audience response system, please get in contact with us today.

A range of uses

Our real time voting tool can have a huge range of different uses depending on the needs and requirements of your organisation. The CLiKAPAD system can be used for internal company elections, in quizzes, or even as a part of the decision-making process when you need to bring a number of different ideas together.

The system can also be used across a variety of scenarios gathering marketing information at events, playing fun games as a part of a conference talk, or providing an interactive boost to a training session. No matter what you need our system for, it can be extremely effectively.

How our real time voting system can benefit businesses

Given the wide selection of uses for our system, it can also benefit your business in a huge number of ways. Real time is highly efficient and streamlined – it eliminates the time consuming and error-ridden process of manually counting up paper ballots. Instead, you get instant results across a very versatile range of issues.

The votes can be entirely customised to deal with complicated questions that require a range of answers – or types of answers. This ensures that using the CLiKAPAD audience response system can be extremely productive.

The option to buy or hire

CLiKAPAD offers the option to either hire or buy our audience response system, depending on the needs of your organisation. If you only need the system for one-off use hiring can be an extremely convenient way of managing a company election or surveying shareholders at the AGM.

However, many organisations find that the many uses of our system mean that it actually the preferred option to buy. This gives you full access to your audience response system at all times.

Contact us today

If you are interested in learning more about what our real time polling system could do for you, please get in contact with our team today. Our friendly staff would be happy to provide you with any further information you need, so call us on 03333 448 550. Alternatively, you can reach by email at and we will get back to you promptly.

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