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Using audience response systems for HR processes

Audience Response Systems can benefit many areas of a company, supporting HR initiatives company-wide.

CLiKAPAD systems are a useful tool for measuring employee satisfaction. Rather than the expensive and time-intensive process of using paper surveys, an on-screen questionnaire supported by individual keypads can help you reach all of your staff quickly and without any waste. This is ideal for measuring staff happiness, determining whether additional training is required and also helping you proactively address any concerns before they develop into serious problems. Even in a large organisation, employees can feel empowered and incentivised by voting on issues which affect them, such as benefits packages or culture improvements.

Audience Response Systems have also been shown to improve engagement during staff training sessions. This is particularly beneficial for health and safety training or business processes, where giving staff an opportunity for feedback prevents the presentation from becoming stale. Short tests can help you check retained knowledge, assisting both new starters and longstanding staff taking a refresher course.

Electronic voting can also improve your meeting manangement. When working through a long agenda, simple topics can be easily covered with a quick vote, with each participant using their keypad to prevent ambiguity or error. For more in-depth matters, such as business changes, risk management or new projects, the relevant staff can vote on the importance, impact and value and the ppvote Matrix software can organise the complex results to help you implement decisions efficiently.

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