Quiz Software for Events and Conferences

With new technology in development every day to make business meetings, presentations, conferences and note taking more accessible and advanced, it is important that we also incorporate audience response and participation into these conferences. For example, you may be demonstrating the latest hardware for your company at an event; however you will not be able to accurately gauge the audience’s response to this hardware without an interactive system.

In the past voting systems were often displayed by balloting or by a show of hands. However balloting is inaccurate and asking for a show of hands can lead to herd behaviour, meaning that individuals are less forthcoming with their own honest opinions.

By using a CLiKAPAD audience response system, you can get rid of the inaccuracies caused by balloting and provide your audience complete anonymity by giving them the option to express their opinion, all at the touch of a button.

Whether it is a training event, an end of year conference or an exhibition demonstrating your latest product, using CLiKAPAD quiz software in order to engage and include your audience can be a great way to prevent audience members from getting tired or distracted in longer sessions.

With our integrated ppvote system you can gain audience participation through interactive presentations and multiple choice questions, facilitating discussion and getting responses from audience members who might not normally speak up.

Quizzes are a fantastic way to engage your audience, particularly if you are asking their opinion on a new product or to get feedback on how a particular system may have worked at an end of year conference.

Plus it is an excellent way to get an insight into how your audience feels about the event, the product being displayed or the meeting so far. By using CLiKAPAD’s latest software you can change and shape your event presentation accordingly to suit your audience.

CLiKAPAD systems are available to purchase or rent.

Please feel free to contact us or call +44 (0) 3333 448 550 for more information or to speak to a member of our team.  You’re sure to increase productivity and audience participation with the help of a CLiKAPAD system.

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