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Avoid awkward or biased focus groups by using an Audience Response System as a powerful tool to break the ice and manage discussions.

Focus groups often go one of two ways; either it’s impossible to elicit the first answer from your participants, or the session is dominated by one or two opinionated voices. Both of these problems can be negated by using an Audience Response System strategically throughout your presentation.

Slow starts are usually due to the reluctance of being the first person to speak – and it can be tough to break that barrier. Rather than standing in awkward silence (or having to answer your own questions), let the whole group provide their first few answers via individual keypads. The results can be shared immediately via your presentation, and be used to smoothly open up organic conversation.

Even if some group members stay vocally quiet, mini-polls using your CLiKAPAD system can ensure everyone’s thoughts are heard, and prevent your research conclusions from becoming skewed by one dominant opinion. Anonymous electronic voting has also been shown to encourage more honesty than a show of hands (which tends to cause a “follow the crowd” response), resulting in feedback about your product or idea that is more accurate overall.

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