Corporate Training

Corporate training with Clikapad audience response systems

Staff training sessions are an excellent environment for using an Audience Response System, as they can easily help to break the ice and encourage interactivity, ideas sharing and even a little healthy competition.

Whether you are leading a mandatory health and safety exercise or providing industry-specific guidance, arming your audience with CLiKAPAD controls will make your training more memorable, and therefore more worthwhile.

Incorporating test questions and mini-quizzes will keep your teams on their toes, and make sure everyone is following your presentation. This is a great way to create a bit of fun, and will be useful for you to know if important information has been retained, or if you should recap certain points. It also provides an opportunity for members of the group to share ideas and advice – one of the most effective learning methods and an excellent way to build staff relationships.

Audience Response Systems are also useful for Q&A rounds, where individual employees may feel embarrassed to admit they don’t know about a particular subject. Using anonymous answers, you can be confident that each member is up to speed without having to put specific individuals on the spot.

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These are just a few ideas; at CLiKAPAD, we have seen our handsets and software used in all manner of creative ways. If you would like some more information or suggestions about how an Audience Response System could help your corporate training scheme, please get in touch.

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