Classroom Voting System

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Electronic voting systems have a huge range of uses in the classroom setting. At CLiKAPAD, our audience response system has been used in a variety of teacher training programmes, providing educators and learners with a valuable tool that can help keep lessons and sessions interesting and involve everyone in the room.

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A range of benefits in teacher training

Our audience response system (ARS) can be utilised to great effect in classroom training scenarios. This can be a fantastic way to ensure that training sessions remain engaging and interesting, whether they are used for quizzes to track progress across the lesson, or simply as a way to break up the training.

It can be difficult to present content in a memorable way, using the CLiKAPAD system is one of the best opportunities to do so.

How educators are using our classroom voting system

Audience response systems have a huge variety of uses in terms of teacher training and classroom learning sessions. Whether you are looking for a way to vote on different ideas and methods, or using the electronic system to track opinions across the session, having a high-quality system in place can be invaluable.

The CLiKAPAD system has a variety of benefits over traditional pen-and-paper voting, not least in the time and labour-saving opportunities that would otherwise be spent tallying up the votes. Additionally the system allows for complete anonymity.

Suitable for education facilities of all sizes

Our ARS can be used for teacher training at facilities of all sizes. The system is capable of handling thousands of votes simultaneously for the largest conferences and training sessions, however, it can be just as effective in capturing the results from small groups. No matter what you need from your electronic voting system, CLiKAPAD can provide it.

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