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Using audience response systems to gather data

Traditional methods of collecting primary market research are typically time-intensive, and are difficult to employ at scale. Even once you find a reliable way to gather responses, the laborious process of collating the information for analysis presents another challenge, ultimately costing your project extra time and money.

Simply put, an electronic voting system removes all of these issues. Personal keypads allow multiple participants to simultaneously answer questions in a timely manner, with results being immediately transferred to your database for discussion or analysis. Responses can be traced back to individual handsets, or configured for anonymity.

Whether you want to interview a handful of people or a crowd of thousands, a CLiKAPAD system is straightforward to set up and helps you collect accurate, meaningful data quickly. The only limitation is your creativity, and electronic voting is a versatile method to conduct any research, from short opinion polls to longer, multiple-choice surveys.

Using an Audience Response System stops primary market research from being a headache, and lets you interpret your data to move on with your project. The only thing a CLiKAPAD system can’t do is make your business decisions for you – yet!

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