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Corporate training with Clikapad audience response systems

When weekly meetings are run effectively they can be a great use of time to introduce new concepts to your team, discuss concerns and focus on certain elements of work. But too often businesses can fall into a routine where little useful is accomplished and these meetings feel like something of a waste of time.

Using an audience response system (ARS) can help breathe life into weekly meetings. You can add elements of interactivity and keep everyone engaged. There are a wide range of advantages in using our ARS as a part of your meeting. The CLiKAPAD system makes it easy to:

  • Find solutions to issues
  • Conduct inter-departmental surveys
  • Gauge opinion on ideas
  • Formulate preferred strategies
  • Prioritise challenges
  • Provide anonymous feedback

Anonymity can be a huge advantage as it allows those involved in the meeting to offer completely unbiased opinions, which isn’t always possible in a standard discussion. The value of getting honest feedback can be enormous.

Questions can be asked and everyone is given the opportunity to answer before the results are revealed. This can be the fairest way to move forward with strategies or finalise ideas if there is a difference of opinion within the team. The CLiKAPAD system collects and calculates the responses almost instantly, meaning that meetings run smoothly and efficiently.

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