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Contestant and audience response plays a key role in many game shows. Whether it’s an ‘ask the audience’ style group response or a straight question-and-answer format, an audience response system (ARS) can efficiently and accurately collect answers from everyone in attendance to create a professional quality game show environment.

At CLiKAPAD, our effective and user-friendly wireless voting system is perfect for game shows and gamification. Some of the game show applications of our ARS could be:

  • Having fun at a corporate event
  • Trialling the mechanics of a potential TV game show
  • Adding a gamification element to a conference
  • Setting up an interactive team building competition
  • Re-creating classic game shows

There are multiple valuable features of the CLiKAPAD ARS which makes it perfect for use in game show settings. The system can track the responses of thousands of participants instantly as well as following individual responses.

This can be a fantastic way to add some relaxation and fun to an event or conference, or be used as a great tool for team building. Scores can be calculated either for individuals or in teams, and using CLiKAPAD’s specifically designed software you can custom design your game show so that it’s perfect for your needs and requirements.

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If you’re interested in using an audience response system for any kind of game show event or competition, please contact us today. The team at CLiKAPAD would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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