Risk Assessment Tool

The CLiKAPAD system is an effective tool for carrying out a quick, comprehensive risk assessment. Once workplace or organisational risks have been recognised, CLiKAPAD allows teams to collectively identify the most urgent risks and rank them in order of significance.

Why use an Audience Response System for Risk Assessment?

There are many benefits to using an Audience Response System (ARS) for risk assessment.

If you are working from a list of risks, participants can use keypads to vote which items should be prioritised, raised for discussion or included in a secondary vote. This can be done using a simple yes/no vote, or by assigning each item a number or score. Each risk can then be accepted into a final voting session to be assessed against specific criteria.

A graph can be displayed after each vote, or a matrix/heat map can be generated at the end of the exercise. These results can then encourage discussion of mitigating actions, capturing control improvements and assigning risk ownership.

Although you have the option of assigning keypads to a specific user, anonymising votes means that you can remove the risk of “group-think” and the potential pressure for employees to voice a certain opinion. This creates a fair forum where results can be discussed candidly.

The speed of voting and collating results means that, even if you decide to vote, discuss and then have a re-vote in order to assess consensus, the whole process can be carried out very quickly.

Why choose CLiKAPAD?

heatmap imageWhen it comes to risk assessment workshops, the interactive CLiKAPAD system provides a quick, accurate overview of your team’s understanding of the present risks and their implications. This can be used to prioritise risk management and complete a detailed risk assessment report.

We build the system around the needs of your business. Not sure whether you want to create your risk list before or during the workshop? CLiKAPAD provides the flexibility to do both. Want to collaboratively build a risk map with your team? Our ARS will display voting results over an appropriate background to show the risk assessment decision in context.

Our system utilises simple, easy-to-use handsets (available to purchase or rent) that work in conjunction with our unique ppvote software. Over the course of your workshop, this will collect the data from every vote, generating accurate, attractive graphs that can be referred to within the session and stored for later reference in your risk assessment report.

CLiKAPAD integrates seamlessly with Excel and PowerPoint, streamlining the way you share data across your business. Recognised formats make it easy to share data electronically with colleagues, and the ability to create branded graphs helps you to maintain a consistent corporate image when exporting the data to stakeholders.

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For more information about how a CLiKAPAD Audience Response System can be effectively used in risk assessment sessions, contact our team today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and discuss what the best setup in your organisation could be.

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