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clicker systems

A clicker system, such as CLiKAPAD, is used to gauge the views of an audience or to discover how much they know, which can then be collected and shown in a graph. Its name comes from the handheld remote given to each member of the group, where a button is clicked corresponding to an option on a screen. Once all of the clicker systems have been used to cast a vote, the results will appear immediately in graph form.

The advantage of clicker systems is that they allow a group to cast their votes anonymously and it creates an attractive graphic of the results for the benefit of the audience, to see how their view compares with others in the group, and for the vote organiser, who is able to store the voting data for use at a later date or to track the progress of the group.

If you’re looking at clicker systems, CLiKAPAD is the best option for you. It’s light, fast and efficient and will significantly improve the way you conduct votes.


The CLiKAPAD clicker system offers a wide range of applications, whether you are looking at getting relevant feedback on your latest speech, you would like to improve a safety procedure, or you are looking at employee opinions on a new or redesigned office. With an easy, instantaneous voting system, CLiKAPAD allows you to gather results quickly and efficiently, without all the hassle. A few applications of the clicker system can be seen here:

  • Conferences Audience Response Systems are an effective and immediate way to gauge reactions and responses during events. For both large and small events where you require instantaneous feedback, the CLiKAPAD clicker system ensures accurate, reliable results every time.
  • Training and Workshops Training days and workshops are an essential part of any growing business. With instant feedback on training days, CLiKAPAD allows you to get an accurate response to any training or safety procedures you may be thinking of putting into place. Feedback from employees is always useful in order to improve procedures in the future, making the CLiKAPAD clicker system an essential tool.
  • Risk Management In events where there have been an increase in accidental or injury cases, risk management assessments or courses may be undertaken. A CLiKAPAD audience response system will be able to collect information from all employees in a swift and anonymous manner, making risk assessment meetings less stressful and helping businesses to save time in reaching a conclusion.


CLiKAPAD was established in 1991 in order to provide businesses and companies both large and small with state-of-the-art audience response systems, interactive wireless voting and electronic polling systems. These systems allow companies to gather more relevant information from their meetings and employees in order to focus on company growth, better health and safety procedures, training methods and much more.

With professional courier and delivery services covering the entire UK and most of Europe and America, ppvote software support and damage and privacy policies, CLiKAPAD offers unrivalled customer service in helping clients choose the best Audience Response Systems and clicker systems for their business.

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