Making Risk Assessments Easier

Risk assessments might not make you jump for joy. Entirely understandable, given it’s hardly the most exciting task. However, it’s an extremely important part of most businesses. You need to make sure you can adequately provide for your employees and customers and minimise the chance of any health and safety issues arising, so it’s important it’s done properly.

CLiKAPAD is just one way to make risk assessments easier to perform. This way, rather than spending a long time debating and working out how all of the responses from your risk assessment team work together, you can simply provide everyone on the team with a handheld CLiKAPAD electronic voting device to vote on the risks and to provide their assessment of each situation.

This speeds the whole process up immensely. This way, rather than noting down a numerical figure each to establish an average risk factor as determined by each member of the group, or struggling to agree on the level of risk together, everyone can press a button to anonymously cast their vote, and the CLiKAPAD software will present it on screen immediately to the group.

This is useful because it makes the whole process much faster, and the anonymity means that people won’t be swayed or pressured by others to come to a particular decision. When it comes to assessing risks, it’s extremely important that we are diligent in striving for accuracy to keep everyone safe, so everyone needs to feel comfortable giving their honest opinion so that resources can be used in the best possible way to meet the needs of the company, employees and customers.

Furthermore, it speeds the whole process up significantly. Rather than having to manually work out an average between you, the votes can be casted and analysed using the on screen results so that everyone is clear on the decision that has been made. The graphics created can also be used at a later date in reports or to refer back to if circumstances change.

If you work in risk assessment and would like to benefit from faster, easier decisions being made, please contact CLiKAPAD today to discuss your requirements.

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