Student Response Systems

Every lecturer knows that it isn’t always easy keeping students engaged in lectures. Even if your lecture is about the most interesting thing in the world, it can be tricky to hold the focus of students, whether it’s first thing in the morning or at the end of a long day at university. That is why the CLiKAPAD system is perfect for encouraging students to connect with the topic at hand, and can be a useful tool for lecturers to measure progress.

CLiKAPAD works as a student response system by equipping each student with a handheld device. They then use this to respond to questions asked by the lecturer, with results collected and presented instantaneously as part of the lecture slides. It is proven that being asked to perform an action, such as casting a vote, increases engagement, so students will be more likely to pay attention as they know that questions will be asked of them.

Lecturers can also benefit as a way to see how well the class as a whole are absorbing the lecture material. The lecturer can use the responses given by students to find out whether or not their lectures are effectively delivering the right content and concepts to students. For example, if the majority of students respond incorrectly to a question about the content, it shows that it might be poorly explained, so the lecturer knows that they need to go over that content.

Used as a student response system, CLiKAPAD can ultimately improve grades as students increase their engagement with a subject. They will feel more inclined to listen to the content if they know they will need to answer questions during the lecture, and allows the lecturer to see where the class as a whole is struggling, which makes it easier to get a more balanced view of the ability level. If a student is too shy to speak up if they don’t understand, their lack of understanding may be reflected in the class in general, meaning any confusion can be tackled at the time. This increased engagement and improved lecturer feedback means that everyone benefits from the use of a CLiKAPAD system.

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