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When hosting or participating in a conference, particularly if the subject matter is complicated or can get repetitive, it is important to engage your audience and retain their attention. This can be difficult to do with a static subject so create an engaging discussion by incorporating audience participation.

CLiKAPAD provides the perfect change of pace during long in-depth conferences by offering a quiz software combined with an audience response system. Suited to groups of all sizes and an excellent, proven way of gaining relevant feedback and anonymous answers, the CLiKAPAD audience response systems are guaranteed to help engage your audience with a voiced opinion in the discussion.

Quizzes in general have been seen as a great way to build teamwork and encourage discussion in the past, however they are becoming more and more frequently used to facilitate discussion in unconventional places. Quizzes are an excellent way to consolidate a learned lesson in the classroom or to test users’ knowledge of a certain subject.a

If you want to make sure you keep your audience interested throughout your conference, incorporate some fun by creating a quiz for the attendees. CLiKAPAD’s unique, easy to use software makes it incredibly easy to participate, with easy multiple choice options provided on a voting keypad no larger than a credit card.

CLiKAPAD provides a more reliable means of anonymous communication, where audience members can actively participate in a discussion without fear of reprimand or of not being heard. We are always looking at new ways to engage an audience and to encourage two way communications and with the CLiKAPAD audience response systems it has never been easier.

With multiple functions, CLiKAPAD users can answer quiz questions both digitally and audibly through in-built microphones into the devices. Plus for conferences and board meetings where you need instant feedback, CLiKAPAD provides an infallible system that can deliver results directly to your presentation.

Our systems are available to purchase or rent. Should you require more information about the CLiKAPAD quiz software system, please do not hesitate to call us today on +44 (0) 3333 448 550, fill in the form below or you can even engage in a live chat with us here on our website. Simply click on live chat, on our contact us page and start chatting.

With extensive experience providing certified two way communications systems for conferences and presentations, choose CLiKAPAD to help engage and excite your audience.

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