Case Study: CLiKAPAD Transforms Business Across the Pond

Raising Hands at an Event

The implementation of a CLiKAPAD electronic voting system transformed processes at the US National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) earlier this month.

Founded over a century ago, the NCWM ensures that manufacturers and consumers across the United States are buying fair products, and are subject to fair competition. At their Annual Meeting, attendees vote on changes to US weights and measures standards using a 2-house system.

Traditionally, votes were cast using placards and raised hands. These would be manually counted, tallied and announced to the audience. The process was exceptionally time-consuming – especially where a close result demanded a recount.

This year CLiKAPAD were asked to revamp the process and streamline it with our ppvote software and wireless voting keypads. Replacing a manual count with an electronic audience response system (ARS) meant that the vote only took about 30 seconds to conduct, no recounts were necessary and results were immediately integrated into a PowerPoint presentation for both houses to watch in real time.

NCWM Chairman, Kristin Macey, acknowledged that while the traditional method was “cherished by many members”, the introduction of an ARS was “incredibly efficient” and provided an “interesting flair” to the Annual Meeting. We’re glad to have helped, and look forward to working with the organisation in the future.

Flexible Service

At CLiKAPAD we pride ourselves on providing products and services that are flexible to the needs of your business.

In this instance for the NCWM, the system was purchased outright and new software was written specifically for this event, with development and training taking place via screen sharing.

We also offer two levels of Dry Hire (equipment only), suited to those who are comfortable managing the ARS themselves, or with minimal guidance.

If you would prefer, we can arrange a fully managed service, where one of our experienced Audience Response Technicians is on site throughout the rehearsal and main event. They can help you to set up and programme the ARS, and provide professional recommendations about handset usage.

For a free consultation about how a CLiKAPAD voting system could benefit your upcoming conference, workshop or event, contact us today.