Case Study: Philips

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Philips recently sponsored a meeting of biomedical equipment professionals from hospitals across the North of England, where department managers discuss issues and share best-practice advice. As the sponsor, Philips were given the opportunity to give a brief session of educational content, which is when they asked CLiKAPAD to help them make the presentation as interesting and engaging as possible.

The company is a health technology company that focuses on innovation across the health continuum to make meaningful improvements to people’s lives. This includes healthy living and prevention, as well as diagnosis, treatment and home care.

“We were introducing our company’s vision of what the ‘Intensive Care Unit of the future’ might look like and we wanted to understand how realistic our ideas seemed to these working professionals. We put forward suggestions about how today’s technology would influence future innovation and how the day-to-day role of a Biomedical Engineer might be affected. The interactive part of our session asked our audience about whether they perceived these changes to already be happening, or how likely they might be to happen in the future.

“The level of assistance we received from CLiKAPAD was absolutely first-rate from start to finish, and the team really made sure we were completely comfortable with how the system worked. The presentation slides were built for us and were handed over with given clear instructions about how to make any tweaks to the content, and CLiKAPAD also gave us some great advice on the kind of questions we should ask to get the most out of the session.

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“The voting keypads were an excellent tool for structuring the interactive feedback debate. Being able to give the delegates keypads made it easy for them participate and vote on ideas, and allowed us to focus on the discussion, rather than the technology. We received a lot of positive feedback about how smoothly the session went.

“In terms of the data, being able to quantifiably collate the views of influential customers is exceptionally valuable. The session proved to be very insightful and, thanks to the responses being fed into Excel, we will be able to analyse the data to build an even more robust value proposition, improve the way we communicate with our customers and help them with their pain points.

“Of course, with the responses being collated immediately, we were also able to show them to the delegates in real time, generating some interesting conversations we wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise. It was also easy to share the final data sets with our audience at the end of the session.

“Overall, we were able to deliver a fantastic session that not only generated useful insights for Philips, but which the audience also really enjoyed and engaged with, strengthening our relationship much more than a plain presentation would have. The team at CLiKAPAD made it possible – and very straightforward.”

With over 20 years’ experience, our team at CLiKAPAD has worked with clients in all kind of industries with a huge range of ideas and requirements. If you want to build an interactive training session, business pitch or presentation, we would be more than happy to help you design it. For more information, please get in touch.