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Whether you run a business that specialises in driving training or you just need to provide employees with advice and guidance with using certain vehicles, it is important to run training sessions that are as engaging and beneficial as possible. The CLiKAPAD audience response system is used by some of the UK’s largest and most successful companies to help them with all sorts of training sessions.

Our system can be used amongst just a handful of trainees or in a large group training session – keypads are credit card sized and one is given to each participant to allow them to vote or give opinions to questions asked by the trainer. The system can be used for a wide range of purposes, from running quizzes and testing the knowledge of the participants to making the sessions more interactive experiences.

One of the advantages of an audience response system in a training session is that it allows the trainer to quickly assess how well the group has understood a certain point and where it needs to be recovered or explained in a different way.

Clikapad voting system in useThe CLiKAPAD system can get everyone in the room involved in the discussion and give a voice to even those people who would typically be quiet. And it can help to make the whole of the session a little more fun and light hearted.

The benefits of using an audience response system as a part of a driver training session include:

• A quick way to test and quiz participants
• A more interactive environment
• Better engagement from the audience

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