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Are you interested in using an audience response system on projects for kids? The CLiKAPAD audience response system is ideal for children’s projects whether you are a museum arranging an interactive programme or a charity carrying out educational sessions.

One of the biggest challenges with presentations aimed at children is trying to ensure that they are entertained and engaged the whole time – the CLiKAPAD system makes this easy. Our system provides each attendee with a credit card sized voting keypad which they can use to interact with a presentation. This could happen in the form of quizzes or voting to keep the children feeling involved.

It is can also be a valuable tool to give quieter children a voice in debates and discussions, as the simple act of pressing a keypad allows everyone to feel they are a part of the talk. The CLiKAPAD system can be either bought or hired depending on your needs.

How to use an audience response system for kids

To get the best use out of an audience response system when working with children it is important to make the whole session as engaging as possible. Colourful slides and images are generally better than presentations with too many words per slide. It is also relevant to consider how to carefully word questions to make sure they are as easy as possible for younger children to understand.

It is good practice to read out questions and answers before, especially in mixed age groups, as this takes away any confusion for those children with a lower reading ability.

The CLiKAPAD ARS can be used for all kinds of projects and events involving children. You can use our system for:

• Museum programmes
• Charity educational sessions
• Educational activity days
• Businesses outreaching to schools

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If you are running any kind of educational session or programme aimed at children, using an audience response system can be enormously valuable. The CLiKAPAD system is ideal for groups of all sizes encouraging interactivity and to ensure everyone is able to get involved. For more information about how our system could work for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. You can call the team on 03333 448 550 or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.