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New Year, New Software, New Services!

January 2021 – Introducing the new Virtual Keypad!

Version 4.8 of ppvote for CLiKAPAD is here and includes remote voting capability to allow you to run your CLiKAPAD votes during virtual or hybrid events as well as your face-to-face meetings.

Your participants simply vote using a Virtual CLiKAPAD on their smartphone, laptop or tablet.  The Virtual Keypad is browser based, so no installation is required.   Joining a session is easy, just provide your participants with a link to the remote session.  The virtual keypad is as easy to use as a real CLiKAPAD keypad.

The presenter’s task is easy too.  Just set up a session on our webpage and then confirm the session ID when you configure your voting session in PowerPoint.  The whole process only takes a couple of minutes. We’ll be providing written instructions and offering free of charge group coaching sessions to get you up and running with ease.

If you are using physical keypads too, that’s no problem.  Your CLIKAPAD votes and Virtual Keypad votes will be received and counted simultaneously.

Version 4.8 is due for official release in February, but if you would like to be amongst the first to try it, contact us to get access to the Beta.  The new software release will be free of charge to customers with an active Support Subscription, and available for purchase by unsupported system owners.

With the introduction of the Virtual Keypad, the CLiKAPAD RF system has become optional.  Anyone wishing to conduct powerful PowerPoint based voting can now use the ppvote Software for a monthly fee without needing to purchase equipment.

Voting via up to 50 virtual keypads is also available at no extra charge to customers with an active Maintenance Agreement.  Increasing the number of virtual voters is possible for a low monthly fee.  Contact us for more information and pricing.

Free Webinar – 19th January 2021

We’d love you to join us for a 30-minute webinar to explore the latest version of the ppvote software for use with your CLiKAPAD system and for Virtual Events.  The webinar is free of charge to all users and a trial licence of the new software is available free of charge too.  So there really is nothing to lose!

Not sure if your Support Subscription is still active?  Just email confirming your name, organisation name, your license number and/or the serial number of your receiver (if known).

Whether you have an active subscription or not, you are very welcome to join us for the session.  Just drop us an email to and we’ll reply with the joining instructions for the session.

Get access to advanced voting features!

Our new, benefit packed, Maintenance Agreement is in place for 2021 to replace the previously offered Support Subscription.

Most importantly, maintenance subscribers receive updates to their voting software to ensure ongoing compatibility with Microsoft product, but that’s not all…

Subscribers are provided with a login to the new Virtual Keypad platform, meaning votes can be accepted from anywhere in the world via the attendees own devices, such as phones and iPads.

With the subscription, advanced voting features are unlocked too and we will provide online coaching free of charge, to show you how these additional vote types can be used to liven up your PowerPoint presentations and gather the all-important data.

If you have an active support subscription you can transfer it to the new Maintenance Agreement at no extra charge.  Whether you have ever had a support subscription or not, you are welcome to join the new program to access all of the fantastic benefits it includes.  Please contact us for more information.

Are you holding virtual meetings online yet?  If not, why not?

If you aren’t already running meetings online, what’s stopping you?

                    • No budget?
                    • No time to select and learn new tools?
                    • Lack of in-house support?

Whatever is holding you back, our team will be happy to discuss your needs to see how we can help.  We can point you in the right direction in terms of finding low cost or free tools.  We can set up your meeting, create a meeting invitation for you to send to your attendees, build the interactivity into your meeting and then provide some training on how to deliver the meeting on the day.  Alternatively, we can be available online or in person to run the technical elements for you.

Contact us…

Already running meetings, training sessions or events online?

From improving your Zoom calls and stepping up your MS Teams meetings, to planning a large-scale virtual conference, we are here to explore the options with you.

We are hopeful that with the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine, we’ll be back to meeting in person this spring.  However, we recognise that many organisations will choose to continue providing fully virtual meetings for the moment, whilst others are already veering towards a hybrid meeting where some participants are meeting face-to-face and others attend remotely.  Whatever your plans for the coming months, we’d love to help, so please give us a call or email us if you’d like to discuss your plans.

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