ppvote update version 4.5.0

The software for your voting system has just got even better!

Version 4.5 of ppvote includes a number of improvements in terms of compatibility and stability along with some impressive feature enhancements.

  • Improved data export – export your data to Excel by number of votes and by percentage. The Excel export will display the data overall, by demographic groupings and by individual keypad.

  • Save time – the new ‘apply to all’ function enables you to reposition the votes cast box, amend the vote type or add a sound clip to all your votes quickly and easily.

  • Enhanced user interface – new graphics added to the buttons within the voting software makes using your system more intuitive than ever before.
  • Side by side interleaved graphing – easily identify shifts in opinion by displaying the results from ‘before and after’ votes on a single slide.


  • Updates – Support subscribers receive all software updates free of charge for the life of their subscription.
  • Discounts – 20% discount on services such as coaching, rental of additional hardware, slide design and slide programming is automatically applied for subscribers.
  • Coaching – A 30 minute online refresher coaching session is available free of charge within the first 3 months of the subscription.
  • Hotline support – Access to assistance from our support team is unrestricted. Contact support for advice on question styles and the best choice of vote type, assistance with exporting data or even have a member of our team check your voting slides prior to live use.


  • Increase efficiency – Our software is easy to learn and intuitive to use. However, our team of experts can share their experience to improve your efficiency and empower you to use the system to its maximum potential with minimal learning time.
  • Design inspiration – during coaching we’ll work with you to create a beautiful and functional set of voting slide templates based on your brand guidelines.
  • Advanced functionality – unlock the potential of your system by learning how to merge data from multiple meetings, work with demographics and run team quizzes.