CLiKAPAD CB3 Base Station

CLiKAPAD Base Station


  • Compact – 107g / 3.8oz
  • USB connection, power from PC
  • Elegant, plug and play solution
  • Multiple bases per room / venue / site
  • 72 channels available Green LED indicates power / activity
  • 140m (462ft) range (venue dependant)
  • Fast transmission protocol (patents pending)
  • Rugged, reliable, dependable
  • Tripod thread in upstand

CB3 Base Station Tripod Thread

On the underside of the CB3 up-stand, there is a camera tripod thread which provides opportunity to mount the CB3 onto either a GorrilaPod® (bendy style tripod) or a telescopic floor mounted camera tripod.

The benefit of this feature is that it enables the CB3 to be raised up by the length of the tripod legs thus increasing its RF visibility and improving registering of votes.

CB3 with GorillaPod

The GorrilaPod® is particularly useful as it is designed to allow you to attach / mount the CB3 to a door handle, a speaker stand and many other objects.

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